Is SOLID California an energy supplier?

We are an experienced energy supplier in addition to providing our customer with turnkey solar thermal systems.

If you enter into a Thermal Energy Services Agreement (TESA) with us, SOLID California acts as and energy supplier to you. SOLID California and its partners will install, operate and finance the solar thermal plant.

Which solar thermal applications is the best for me?

This totally depends on the energy needs of your building. In general, offices & public infrastructure buildings have a very high cooling demand. Hospitals, Hotels and Industry have cooling demands and high hot water loads.

SOLID California can support whatever solar thermal application is best for your building.
By contacting us you will be assured that you will know what application is best for your building based on the “no-cost” feasibility analysis we will provide.

What are all of the physical changes that have to be made to my building?

In addition to the installation of the collectors on your roof/car parking structure, SOLID California has to install other equipment in your existing utility room. You’ll get a full set of structural and mechanical engineering plans for approval before installation begins.

Will a solar system affect my roof warranty?

If you roof is still under warranty, it is typical that that the installation of solar panels on your roof can be accomplished without impacting the original warranty. SOLID California works with licensed roofers to seal the roof during the process of installing the collectors. SOLID California and the roofing company will work jointly on making sure the warranty is not impacted.

Do you also install PV plants?

No, SOLID California doesn’t offer any technology which is produces electricity. Our solar thermal technology achieves gas & electricity savings and provides an attractive economic benefit for the customer.

Technology moves quickly. Will this technology still be relevant in 10 years?

Solar thermal has been used in California since the early 20th century. The technology as evolved since that time, however, today’s solar thermal systems use the same materials (glass, aluminum and copper) as used back then. This will not change in the coming years. he systems provided by SOLID California utilize the best components so that the system delivers the optimum level of efficiency while operating over a long period with minimum maintenance costs.

What happens if I sign a TESA and SOLID California goes out of business?

SOLID California is fully supported by it’s parent company, SOLID GmbH, which has been in businesss since 1992, however, if something should happen to us, our financing partners will continue to provide you with hot or chilled water as per the Agreement and system services will be provided by another qualified company.

Should I purchase a System from SOLID or should I enter into a TESA? What’s better for me?

If you would like to have 100% of the energy savings (most economical way) you should purchase a System. A TESA is based on the model of “shared savings”, where you get only a part of the savings. The rest of the savings are used for the financing of the plant.

Your decision to purchase a System or purchase energy using a TESA will be based on many factors but will include your ability to take advantage of the 30% Federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation.

Who pays for the System if I select the TESA approach?

SOLID California partners with strong financing entities that trust in the performance and reliability of the Systems that we design, build and operate. These entities pay for and own the Systems.

How does SOLID California know how much energy I use?

The hot or chilled water that you use from the solar thermal system is metered just like your electricity or natural gas is metered. You receive a monthly bill and only pay for the energy you use.

Will you offer a TESA for all sizes of solar systems?

No. The following provides general criteria for qualifying a System for a SOLID California TESA:

  • You are a natural gas customer that qualifies for the CSI-Thermal Incentive. If you purchase natural gas for your building in California you probably qualify.
  • You have installed a centralized heating & cooling system
  • Your installed cooling capacity is 250 tons or more
  • Your electricity consumption exceeds 1 Mio kWh per year
  • Available roof/ground/car park area of at least 15,000 sq ft for collector mounting

What are my savings – how do you analyze it?

We provide you with a “no cost” feasibility analysis prior to you making any decisions regarding entering into a TESA or purchasing a System. This analysis will show you in detail the amount of savings you can expect.

What happens if the solar system cannot operate due to a component failure or lack of sunshine?

The system design assures that you always have the hot water or cooling you need because your original system is always in place and operational when needed. In other words, our system supplements your system it doesn’t replace it.

Our Internet based monitoring system operates 24/7 and will report promptly any failure so that SOLID California can immediately go to work on fixing the problem. If you enter into a TESA, SOLID California will have the System fully operational as soon as possible given that although you are not charged for energy when the System is down SOLID California does not earn any revenue when the System is down.

What happens after my TESA with SOLID California ends?

You have three options:

  1. Renew your contract
  2. Purchase the system at a discounted price
  3. SOLID California removes the system at its expense

If you purchase the System, SOLID California can offer you a maintenance contract.